this star aperitif product may contain pesticides


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This food widely consumed as an aperitif by the French is the subject of a product recall. It would contain a quantity of pesticides dangerous to health.

Product recalls require particular vigilance with regard to the contents of our food cupboards. Packaging defect, bacteria or harmful product, consumers have already had to bring back to the store a range of Buitoni pizzas affected by the E. Coli bacteria and certain cheeses contaminated by the Listeria bacteria. This year’s Easter egg hunt had to go without some Kinder brand chocolates, due to salmonellosis. In this spring season, the weather is conducive to enjoying the mild temperatures with an essential aperitif. A friendly moment that delights drink and appetizer aficionados. It could be that your aperitif no longer has the same flavor if you love a certain salty and essential product.

The site rappel.conso.gouv asks consumers to return imperatively pistachios from the B&S brand distributed in Grand Frais stores. This range of pistachios would exceed the authorized limits of pesticides and must not be consumed.

Pistachios to return to the store

B&S Cuisine brand 250G shelled pistachios would feature a quantity above the EU MRL indicates Supply Reminder. These dried fruits, whose use-by date is April 30, 2023, should not be consumed. The affected lot number 1006 was marketed between March 09, 2022 and April 8, 2022. The product recall extends until May 21, 2022, consumers are asked to return the product to the store and will be eligible for a refund.

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