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Some astrological signs love to control everything. Although he tries to do the same, his awkwardness takes over and his days often turn into a happy mess.

Early in the morning, this zodiac sign is able to turn on the coffee maker without coffee or to heat his hot chocolate in the fridge. The star sign in question is none other than … that of Gemini. A real little dildo, this horoscope sign can cause rather distressing situations due to its clumsiness.

Gemini often have their heads in the clouds (not surprisingly for an Air sign), but by dint of dreaming, this zodiac sign can sometimes be downright sluggish or on the contrary, create cascading falls. Also, it can’t stand inactivity and just keeps running around. So if you have valuable old trinkets, it would be best to place them away from the reach of this doom sign before it grazes your doorstep. And if you can identify yourself through this portrait, you are surely part of this sign.

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Gemini, true jack-of-all-trades

Gemini are curious about everything and have a great thirst for learning. They continually need to nourish their intellect and keep starting all kinds of activities … without ever really going all the way. This zodiac sign finds it difficult to stay focused for very long and is unable to follow any rules. A simple culinary recipe can quickly become an obstacle course. So dear Gemini, know that mixing chocolate and cheese is not a good idea. The result can only be conclusive in Top Chef.

As noted, people born under this zodiac sign always want to do 36 things at a time. However, by not taking the time, they sometimes are not very clever in body and mind. Coffee spilled, door in the face or forgetting their key, not a day goes by without some inconvenience appearing.

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And their clumsiness does not stop at simple broken pots: the natives of the sign are also very talkative. Have you ever told a Gemini a secret? If so, you must have already suffered from his giddiness. With this sign, your crush has been aware of your emerging feelings for a long time. Although Geminis never intend to divulge any information, their language tends to inadvertently fork. Whoops !

But rest assured, Gemini, your blunders are all your charm and that’s why we love you.

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