This streaming lamp wants to make you even more beautiful

To complete its range for streamers and video content creators, Logitech For Creators is launching a light that is easy to install and use. The Litra Glow offers an adjustable light according to your needs. A product that adapts perfectly to all environments to make you even more resplendent on the screen.

The light is very diffuse and never violent for the eyes of the streamer

The light is very diffuse and never violent for the eyes of the streamer // Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

Logitech continues to develop its “For Creators” line dedicated to content creators and other streamers. If until then, the Swiss brand had mainly passed under the name “Logitech For Creators” pre-existing products (micro Blue, Mevo Start camera, Streamlabs, etc.), this Tuesday, it formalized the arrival of the very first of the range, the Litra Glow lamp.

This is a lamp to finalize the perfect setup of live video. ” It is important to have a product that allows you to have a pleasant appearance on the screen, so that the whole looks more professional in the rendering. “, One explains on the side of Logitech. It must be said that the brand is the market leader in webcams and video capture, but until then there was a lack of light to complete the panoply of the perfect streamer, live or recorded.

A compact and easy to install product

Born from the collaboration with the startup Litra, specialist in professional lighting recently acquired by Logitech, the Litra Glow consists of a square and compact light module with a side 9 cm, as well as an on-board light of 250 lumens. The whole thing is screwed onto an adjustable foot by notch in height which can adapt to any screen thanks to its large support.

The head of the product can tilt and rotate on itself almost 360 °, just to always be well oriented towards the user. If you don’t want to take advantage of the stand and have another mount, just unscrew the lamp and secure it somewhere else. To use it, however, you must power it via the USB-USB C cable supplied on your PC or even an iPad in USB C-USB C. Because the Litra Glow does not contain any internal battery and therefore cannot be used alone without being powered by an external source. This could prove to be problematic for those who were looking for a nomadic product for streaming in motion and outdoors. But on an office setup, it is ultimately quite versatile.

On the back, there are five tactile buttons. In the center, this allows you to turn the lamp on or off. On each side, there is a gradual knob to adjust the intensity to the nearest level (+/—) and another to choose the color temperature. It’s pretty easy to access and use, even with the Litra Glow attached to the screen.

On the back of the Litra Glow you can adjust the light intensity and color

On the back of the Litra Glow, you can adjust the light intensity and color // Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

Once installed, you can configure the light in Logitech’s G Hub software, just like webcams or keyboards and mice (except MX Keys). This will allow you to perfectly adjust the desired light, to have a preview beforehand through the associated Logitech webcam before validating. And you can even preset a lighting according to your activity (streaming, video recording, day or night, etc.) and add it to the 5 profiles already offered. If you’re using a Logitech keyboard, you can even configure custom functions from software or settings using key combinations. For those who are fully equipped with Logitech products, it is the fluidity of the experience that will be felt.

But with the systemplug’n’playLitra Glow, it is also possible to use it immediately by simply plugging it into your PC or monitor, and switching it on. Note that it is possible to use the Litra Glow with a smartphone, tablet, iPad Pro or iPad Air for example (and even an iPad mini) with a USB-C port. You simply won’t have access to any equivalent G Hub application to set up.

Diffused lighting that adjusts perfectly

On the lighting side, the Litra Glow offers to adjust the intensity and the temperature to the level actually desired thanks to the gradual buttons on the back. These are not steps, but really +/- variation – very slight, over a broad spectrum. Litra has integrated its Truesoft technology which gives a soft light to the eyes, even if the lamp is facing you quite close and with high intensity. You will never be dazzled or embarrassed thanks to the diffuser which covers the luminous face.

The Litra Glow attaches very easily to any screen to complete a video streaming setup

The Litra Glow attaches very easily to any screen to complete a video streaming setup // Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

Another advantage of this diffused light, the complexion is much better highlighted, whether you have very fair or more matte skin. No element appears overexposed in video and the rendering is quite pleasing to the eye. This will be particularly useful for those who like to register during night sessions.

What is appreciable with the Litra Glow is the light quality which makes it possible to adapt to all environments and all configurations, but also to all users. The rendering to the image is really flattering, even without going through the sharp settings of the software. The fact of being able to unscrew the foot to put the light on another support and even better to wedge it is appreciable (in the photo below, we have exchanged the feet of the webcam and the Litra Glow to position everything well for a session streaming).

Of course, it is aimed above all at streamers and content creators above all. But, in the age of telecommuting and videoconferencing galore, it’s also very pleasant to simply have a good head in video meeting in front of your boss in the morning. And the quality of natural light on the face means that no one will notice that you have turned on your light for a simple video call …

Litra Glow price and availability

The Litra Glow from Logitech for Creators will be available on January 26 for 69 euros on the Logitech website and on Amazon.

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