this surprising activity that Enola did when leaving the castle

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Star Academy finalist Enola revealed the surprising activity she did when she left the castle, in the documentary broadcast on TF1 on December 10.

The fans of the star Academy were pained at the end of the final of November 26, at the idea of ​​​​having to say goodbye to the candidates of the telecrochet of TF1. But on December 10, in an exclusive documentaryviewers were able to discover never-before-seen images of the programme’s young finalists: Anisha – who won the trophy –, Enola, Lea and Louis. In this documentary, the journey of the four budding artists has been retraced, from their arrival at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys until the end of the season.

Completely cut off from the rest of the world during their adventure, the four finalists were able to turn on their mobile phones. Thus, in the documentary, we can see Enola, sitting on the ground, consulting her device for the first time. Immediately, she expressed her surprise, as to the number of messages received in her absence… Including one, which particularly worried her. As a result, the young woman was forced to indulge in a surprising activityas soon as he leaves the castle.

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Star Academy: Enola “stressed” by a message received

“Everything is linked! I have 118 messages… I have text messages from Total Energiedetailed Enola in the report broadcast on TF1, after turning on his mobile phone. I don’t know what’s going on, but apparently I need to contact them urgently. And to continue, for the attention of the cameraman, with humour: “This is late payment thirty-three days! […] If I call them and [que] I say I was at Star Academy, okay?

Immediately after, the finalist called her parents to alert them to the situation. Afraid of having no more electricity, she asked them to pay the bill, while waiting for her to return home. “The first ten minutesI tried to settle this invoice storybecause it [stressait] too”, she then detailed, in the same context. And the young woman concludes: “This is quite representative of my personalityultimately !”

November 25, the scrapbook Iconic of the tenth season of the star Academy came out, much to the delight of fans. Available on streaming platforms, the latter consists of 11 key songs of this 2022 edition, including the four finalists’ music and the students’ anthem: Do not go without me.

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