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On January 30 and February 6, viewers will discover the portraits of the candidates for L’Amour est dans le pré. Among them, Jean-Paul has somewhat particular expectations.

Ready for the 18th season of Love is in the meadow ? On January 30, M6 will launch its first evening dedicated to the portraits of the candidates of the new season of the show. If it will then be necessary to wait several months before seeing the farmers meet their suitors, the first two programs should make it possible to wait. Among the candidates who will present themselves during these two evenings of portraits is Jean-Paul.

The 62-year-old cereal farmer from Île-de-France promises great television sequences, since presented as “a talking mill capable of telling you a wacky story at the second”, continues Here. Already married, but divorced for thirty-five years, he is the father of a 36-year-old son and grandfather of two grandsons. After a complicated family life, the farmer is now ready to find love. He is looking for a wife “full of life and character, with humor and ready, like him, to ignite”. Regarding physical criteria Among his potential contenders, Jean-Paul has not drawn up any list, but admits to appreciating a surprising detail: “the curve of the leg”.

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The touching portrait of Jean-Paul

besides his side “joker” and “exuberant”Jean-Paul should easily move the fans of the show. Indeed, if the farmer took so long to get back to looking for love, it is because he devoted all his time to his work to help his father until his death in 2018. and being with his mother, whom he lost in March 2022. An absolute priority for Jean-Paul’s life, which was marked by the fragile health of his mother, hospitalized following his birth due to major complications. . It was therefore through the windows of the hospital room that the grain farmer occasionally saw his mother, while he lived with his paternal aunt. It should therefore as well tenderize as make viewers laugh throughout the broadcast of the show.


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