This swimsuit from the 2000s is making a comeback and creating a crazy silhouette


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It’s swimwear season and a type of swimsuit from the 2000s is making a comeback in 2022: will you be adopting it? We tell you how to wear it.

Summer is here and for some people vacation is about to begin. Whether you’re going to the beach, abroad or in France, you definitely need a trendy swimsuit for this summer 2022. To find the perfect model, you can take advantage of the sales that started on June 22 and which extend until July 22, 2022. We have also made a selection of swimsuits for generous breasts, for small breasts, but also for breasts that need curves. The range of swimwear is so vast that it is not easy to choose!

One model in particular is coming back to the fore: the tankini. Yes yes, you read that right… We thought it has-been and unflattering, but this typical shape of the 2000s is back on trend. In addition, it makes a silhouette of madness to all morphologies. There are strapless ones, with a triangle shape at chest level, with enveloping panties, with a tanga, some models hide the belly, others reveal it… You are bound to find what you are looking for.

Our selection of top tankinis for the summer

What are the swimwear trends of 2022?

In addition to the tankini which returns, other swimsuits are ultra-guns this summer. This is the case of the trikini, you know, this hybrid swimsuit between a one-piece swimsuit and a two-piece? We also love one-piece swimsuits with cutouts or two-piece triangle swimsuits. On the color side, fashion is in flashy shades like pink, or even the cyan blue that we see everywhere at the moment. We also like orange or sequined fabrics: it’s hot on a swimsuit. Patterns such as leopard print, flowers or stripes are also essential. There is something for every taste.

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