This technique to apply the buzze foundation on TikTok


In recent weeks, a new technique for applying foundation has gone viral on TikTok. The principle ? Use several foundations and in large quantities.

This is a trend that no one could have seen coming. For several weeks now, TikTok's feed has been filling up with videos of people applying their foundation in unusual ways. It was influencer Mérédith Duxbury who started this trend. On her TikTok account, she only posted videos with this technique, each accumulating nearly 3 million views. One of them even reached 17.4 million views. There followed a huge buzz on the social network: thousands of women and men of all nationalities took up this technique to make it a challenge under the #thefoundationchallenge which has accumulated nearly 112 million views.

But then what is this trend so popular with users of this social network? As you can see in the video below, Mérédith Duxbury applies her foundation in a special way, or rather her foundations, in order to achieve flawless makeup. The influencer starts by putting on the back of her hand a good layer of fairly thick and therefore covering foundation. With the tip of a brush, she mixes it to warm it up and then coarsely apply it in thick layers to her face, putting it on her cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Instead of using a brush or a sponge to spread the foundation, her hands are her tools. So she applies her foundation with her hands as if it were a moisturizer, until it is perfectly spread. Then, she adds a second layer of makeup with a liquid foundation, which she applies this time with a makeup sponge such as Beauty Blender. With a large brush, she fixes everything with a compact powder. She then finishes her makeup in a more common way. And contrary to what you may think, the result looks perfect, all the flaws and imperfections of the skin are concealed without giving a mask effect. It remains to be seen whether this is the magic of this technique or the magic of editing.

Why do we dislike this technique?

In view of the result obtained, many people want to test this technique. But in reality, not everyone can do it. Even when applying makeup primer, the foundation layers are so thick that the skin cannot breathe properly. So, if you have acne-prone skin, it is not advisable to attempt this technique. Also, given the amount of foundation used, it wastes a lot of product, as half of it will end up on your hands. So it is neither economical nor ecological. Applying by hand will give the foundation even more coverage than it is and will not spread it as it should. If you don't spend a certain amount of time there, there will be some traces. Only a damp make-up sponge or the use of a brush guarantee a streak-free application. On the other hand, to spread a BB cream or a very light foundation, you can safely use your hands.

It is completely understandable to want a full complexion to camouflage the irregularities and imperfections of the face. But there's no point in using too many foundations for this. Instead, opt for a good foundation with the coverage that suits you. Today, this is not what is lacking in the market and you undoubtedly have a wide choice to find one that will please you. To have a flawless finish, the setting powder must also be chosen with care, favoring it as fine as possible.

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