This Thrustmaster T248 steering wheel compatible with PS4 and PS5 is on sale

The right plan

If you are a fan of car simulation but you still play with the controller, this good plan is the perfect opportunity to equip yourself. The wheel T248 from home Thrustmaster is the brand’s proposal to expand its mid-range, between its modest T150 and the very good T300.
The T248 is a hybrid force feedback steering wheel, announcement 70% more powerful than the T150. The T248 is accompanied by a 3-pedal crankset in metal, baptized T3PM, and inspired by the pedalboard T-LCM of the brand.

More compact than its predecessors, the T248 features a steering wheel of 28cm in diameter, immovable, but made of foamed leather providing excellent comfort and a good grip. Compatible with the latest Sony consoles, the steering wheel incorporates the buttons of the Dualshock/Dualsense. Pallets are also present and take advantage of their magnetic activation to ensure longevity and responsiveness. We simply regret the noise produced by the latter.
The crankset boasts great looks as well as the use of magnetic technology HEART, allowing it to refine the dosage and reliability compared to potentiometers, a definite advantage of Thrustmaster on its competitor Logitech.

Hybrid force feedback is enabled by a clever mix of gears and belt. The latter brings a certain flexibility to the force feedback, and the gain compared to the T150 is indeed present, especially since the presets add a touch of realism according to the needs of the pilot.

If you don’t have a steering wheel yet, or want to upgrade, the T248 is an interesting model for simulation enthusiasts. Although recently launched at a price of €349, Amazon already offers a nice 20% discount on this model. The promotional rate is thus positioned at €280.99.

Its strengths according to Les Numériques

  • Good precision.
  • Well balanced force feedback.
  • T3PM crankset with 4 brake pressure choices.
  • Integrated control screen (settings, telemetry).
  • Official PS4, PS5 and PC compatibility.
  • Good steering wheel fixing system.

Some reservations of the same Numerics

  • Very noisy pallets.
  • Steering wheel not interchangeable.
  • Lack of pedal stability on smooth ground.
  • All-plastic construction.

And with that ?

The only real flaw of this T248 lies in its particularly noisy palettes. Fortunately, many simulation enthusiasts prefer the classic, authentic feel of a real H-shaped gear lever. Thrustmaster has thought of everything when offering its TH8A, a premium gear lever made of metal. The HEART technology is back to deliver precise actuation and increased reliability. Its design allows two types of driving, depending on the vehicle or the preferences of the pilot. It is thus possible to opt for a conventional manual gearbox H-type (7 + 1) or a sequential box.

This gear lever is more expensive than the model offered by Logitech, but also much more qualitative, robust and realistic. If you are a real simulation enthusiast, the gear lever TH8A is a must. Rarely on sale, this gear lever is offered at €179.99.

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