This tip promises an express and flawless French manicure

With her nude nails with edges highlighted in white, she pleases as much as she frightens when it comes to doing it yourself: the French manicure is at the heart of nail polish trends, and we have finally discovered a way to do it yourself. make it smudge-free (and in no time)!

More trendy than ever, the french manicure has undeniably returned to the forefront of the beauty scene and has never ceased to be talked about since. Deemed out of date and almost forgotten for years, it was in 2019 that she was able to use the varnish brush to sublimate our nails with her sobriety and elegance innate. Most recognizable by his two-tone look which displays an impeccably varnished nail plate using a natural shade and a free edge delicately accented in white, she is a great classic which once again has its place in the essentials of the nail art, and in the latest trends of the moment which reinterpret it at will (inverted, colored, slanted french…). No wonder then that fans of this nail beauty are looking for simple and effective ways to reproduce it. Admittedly, drawing a perfect white edge is far from an easy task. Followers of this kind of manicure therefore compete in ingenuity to find tips that make it easier and therefore faster.

Do you also have trouble drawing a pretty white stripe characteristic of the French at the end of your nails to give yourself a perfect manicure? Then the latest hot tip on social media to achieve an express French manicure will interest you.

A smart accessory that saves a lot of time

Rather than using the famous little crescent-shaped stickers to stick on the varnished nails of nude to trace the white edge of the nail (beware of smudges) or even to use a French manicure marker to draw it freehand more easily than with a varnish brush (but still difficult when you are clumsy. e), the new smart beauty gesture invites the use of an accessory that allows you to apply the white varnish impeccably on the tip of the nail, not only in record time but also without complications. This favorite accessory for Instagrammers and tiktokers is the buffer stamping silicone. A special tool nail art which allows to color the free edge of the nail without burrs.
It suffices, in fact, to varnish your nails with your nail polish nude favorite, let them dry well, thencoat the silicone with white varnish before coming press the tip of the nail against the silicone to deposit the material. Rest assured if you have long nails, the silicone material allows the nail to penetrate sufficiently into the buffer (without piercing it). Thanks to the flexibility of the silicone, the varnish is distributed uniformly over the edge of the nail, depending on its shape. Then just repeat the process on the ten nails, leave to dry, then protect the French manicure with a layer of transparent top coat as usual. According to the videos circulating on social networks, the result is impeccable as you can see :

And in the event of a slight overflow on the skin of the finger if you have been too generous on the amount of varnish deposited on the pad, a cotton swab soaked in solvent will easily correct the shot without you risking damaging your French manicure .

Convinced? You can find this kind of stamp at stamping at a lower cost on the internet, for only a few euros.

Hilai Stamping Stamp

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Good news for those who would not want to invest in said accessory, it seems that silicone makeup sponges also do the job well if you have one.

On the other hand, we do not recommend replacing these silicone accessories with a foam makeup sponge. Indeed, the results obtained with the foam sponge seem mixed and not always up to expectations as shown by the two videos which follow, one of which emphasizes the effectiveness of the accessory, and the other its limits. . The foam being absorbent, it does not always manage to uniformly varnish the tip of the nail because it seems to have “drunk” the varnish.

Some even do without accessories altogether and deposit the white varnish directly on the pulp of one of their thumbs before pressing the nail against their finger so as to deposit the famous thin strip of white varnish. But beware, this option is messier because you will then have to remove make-up from the skin of your thumb.

Anyway, it is sure that this beauty tip will be very useful for us to achieve our classic French manicures like our multicolored French manicures!

5 tips for mastering the French manicure:

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