This toothbrush maps your teeth: Special Edition of the Braun Oral-B iO Series 10 with AI on offer


An AI is said to be used in this toothbrush to map the teeth and optimize brushing. We haven’t checked whether this is true, but you can currently do it at a special price.

Oral-B iO 10 Black Special Edition (Source: Coolblue)

AI is now found in almost all modern devices, and is now also moving into the oral cavity. So far, very few of you will probably have a “mouth map” of your own teeth created with the help of artificial intelligence.

We haven’t yet checked whether you really need this. But according to the manufacturer, it should help you work on the oral cavity more efficiently and no longer forget any spots when brushing. The brush is currently available at a special price at Coolblue:

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While the toothbrush maps your teeth, the smart charging station with display gives you feedback on your personal brushing behavior. If you edit your teeth too roughly, the device will light up red as a warning. The toothbrush offers seven different brushing programs, including one for sensitive teeth and tongue cleaning.

Oral-B iO 10 Special Edition Black
  • Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean brush head

  • iO Sense Smart Charger

“Special” on the edition is the color “Cosmic Black”, a black speckled with small stars. Coolblue is currently selling the brush for just 279 euros, at the next cheapest retailer the price is over 300 euros – the normal version of the brush isn’t available any cheaper either.

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