this “toxic” bond that she does not want to build with her two daughters

Invited on the airwaves of Europe 1 this Sunday February 25, 2024, actress Karin Viard spoke about the biggest role of her life: that of mother to Marguerite and Simone.

She wants to leave her offspring a lot of freedom. Being protective of one’s children generally demonstrates parental love and concern. However, it is essential to find a healthy balance to avoidsuffocate our children. A philosophy that Karin Viard decided to adopt, mother of two girlsMarguerite (born in 1998) and Simone (born in 2000), fruits of her past relationship with cinema technician Laurent Machuel.

Present on the airwaves of Europe 1 this Sunday February 25 to promote the film Madame de Sévignéby Isabelle Brocard, which will be released in cinemas on Wednesday February 28, the 58-year-old actress thus indicated on Julia Vignali’s microphone that the “bond of concern between a parent and a child ” was “one of the most toxic links there is”. So, to keep this necessary distance from his two daughtersthe star of Top hearts !has, for example, decided not to “bombard with text messages”.

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Karin Viard proud of the freedom she grants to her children

As a free womanKarin Viard therefore decided to pass on her state of mind to her two daughters, as she detailed to our colleagues: “This freedom that I grant myself is also a freedom that I grant to my children.”And added: “I think that pleasure, desire, envy is the best emotional fuel between two people, and so I try to create a climate that is conducive to envy and not to duty.

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Last September, during a new issue of the show 50′ insidebroadcast on TF1, the sparkling blonde had already given his opinion on overprotection. Questioned by journalist Isabelle Ithurburu, she indicated that such involvement could be energy-consuming in the long term: “I find that children are very cannibalistic, for couples, but also for mothers. I find that we impose ourselves a lot, that we are very tyrannical about it, that we are very perfectionists and that the children suck the marrow out of us.

Karin Viard abandoned by her parents

For some, Karin Viard’s point of view on parenthood is surprising given her own childhood. Indeed, having grandi without his parentsthis could have developed a great fear of abandonment. On the contrary, this absence gave rise to a great feeling of freedom in her, as she had developed on the air of TF1.

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This is the advantage of having been abandoned. I didn’t have parents I wanted to please. I have been very alone, and the sadness of this solitude has as a corollary a freedom, a right to think and an originality of thought that I cherish every day”, she assured. And happily added: “I grew up a little wild. It gave me an incredible freedom to be myself, and a certain outspokenness.


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