This type of summer shoe would be dangerous and should be avoided according to podiatrists

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Summer is the perfect opportunity to get out of bare feet, mules, sandals… But a pair of summer shoes would be dangerous for your health according to podiatrists.

The feet are often the big forgotten parts of the human body: we don’t take care of them all the time. Yet they are put to the test every day, stuck in shoes in winter, twisted in pumps, or even tight in strappy sandals in summer… If some shoes torture our feet a little, who could believe that shoes that we wear can really affect our health? However, this is what an American microbiologist revealed, whose remarks were relayed by I’m interested. The latter asserts that flip-flops are the danger. For what ? After analyzing the flip-flops worn by his colleagues in town for 4 days, the expert realized that the shoes were infested with more than 18,000 bacteria, and not the most innocent. He has spotted staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that can be dangerous in people already suffering from health problems in particular. In addition to this, let’s remember that the flip-flop is the perfect shoe for Twist the ankle or to cause a collapse of the arch of the foot (the foot not being maintained).

We already knew that wearing thin, high heels for too long could alter the shape of the foot and cause pain. But no one suspected that the flip-flop was also a risky shoe for the health of the foot. What are the best summer shoes to pamper your feet? We tell you everything.

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What shoes to wear this summer for optimal comfort?

You can of course wear flat flip flops, plastic or not, but to avoid any problems, we advise you to go on vacation with other shoes. Pairs that you can also easily wear around town. For optimal comfort in summer, bet on shoes such as Birkenstock or Scholl. Two brands first created to ensure maximum comfort for the feet, but which are very trendy. Even more so in 2023 when Scholl released an iconic pair of clogs with very fashionable vintage accents. We love the classic from Birkenstock, the Arizona, but also the very stylish clog. Of course, other brands offer this type of shoe at a lower cost, such as Blancheporte, H&M or Mango…

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