this ultra trendy hairstyle will assert your style (ideal after 50)

You already know the Cowgirl bob cut, very trendy in 2024. But this wavy version of the bob will definitely increase your fashion quotient. We’ll explain it to you.

Finding the haircut that suits you is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are hair trends to give us the necessary inspiration. And this year, it’sode to the bob and short hair. We told you about it in another article, the Cowgirl bob is in vogue at the moment. This hairstyle, which is suitable for fine, thick or curly hair, is nothing more and nothing less than a long bob on which a gradient blends in, embellished with curtain bangs.

In other words, it is a modern and bold cut, which paradoxically is very easy to maintain. And if it has become popular in a few months, it is partly thanks to fashion icons like Mégan Fox or more recently Gigi Hadid who have been able to make it their own. And if the Cowgirl bob cut looks very good on straight hair, it is in the looped version that it reveals its personality.

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What is the wavy bob: the trendy cut for summer 2024?

The wavy bob or more commonly called the “soft-wave bob” is represented by a short, soft and wavy bob. It’s a practical cut, but one that is characterized by an unstructured and natural style: a bit like if you were well-groomed after leaving the beach. Your hair is covered in volume, and slightly defined curls.

It is also a cut which particularly adapts to the summer season and its heat. Because on a daily basis it does not require much maintenance, and it offers the advantage of having the shoulders and neck uncovered. Besides, you will only need a styling product or a good hair dryer to maintain your wavy bob. And aesthetically, this cut expresses lightness and freedom : which is obviously sought after in summer.

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How to style your hair to get a wavy bob?

If your hair is naturally curly, you will only need one styling product in the form of a spray or cream to structure your curls. The product will bring the finishing touch to your short wavy haircutand will help define the waves to style them.

Conversely, if your hair is rather straight and fine, you’ll need a little help to add volume and define curls. In this case, it is advisable to air dry your hair, or place it in a bun to create movement. Only then, you can finish your cut using a curler, and define the shape and intensity of the desired curls yourself. Favor the natural appearance, that’s the whole essence of “soft-wave bob”. But if you are invited to a wedding or a celebration, treat yourself by creating beautiful, well-shaped curls which will mark elegance and refinement.

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