This underrated sport is making a comeback in 2024 (it burns more than 300 calories in 1 hour of practice)

This forgotten sport is making a comeback in summer 2024. Bonus, it is accessible and helps you lose a lot of calories in just 1 hour of practice. We present it to you!

In terms of sports practices, trends are going well. While running has never been more popular, there are certain activities like racket sports which are becoming fashionable again. And for good reason, they offer the advantage of being accessible, rather gentle, but physical, because we lose a lot of calories by practicing them.

Whether your goal is to work on your summer body for beach days or simply to get moving to be healthy, this somewhat forgotten sport may suit you. Because the good news is that you only need a racket to practice it.

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Racket sport: what is this ultra trendy activity to practice in 2024?

You have surely heard of padel these last years. This activity, halfway between squash and tennis, is on the rise. And in fact joins racket sports which have become very popular in recent years. But in 2024, badminton is making a comeback. According to Pinterest Predicts, which investigates trends, badminton has come up significantly in Internet users’ searches, particularly on queries like “badminton racket” or “badminton bag”which respectively increased by 80 and 105%.

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So why this reversal of trend? The popularization of this activity can be explained by several factors. The first is that badminton is accessible to all, you don’t need to be in great physical condition to practice it. On the contrary, if you want to get moving again, it’s ideal. Afterwards, badminton is played outdoors as well as indoors. You can improvise a playground for yourself on the beach this summer, in the countryside or even in your garden: a net and rackets will suffice. And then let us tell each other, the badminton is really fun ! But what convinces more and more people to indulge in the practice, It’s a good loss of calories.

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Why does badminton lose calories?

Top Health states, practicing badminton would mean losing a lot of calories, “between 500 and 675 calories per session”which in fact makes this cardio practice and places it in the top 3 most intense physical activities.

This is explained by the fact to be constantly on the move. By practicing badminton, you will work your cardio, but also your muscles, such as those in your legs, arms, back and abdominals. But that’s not all, it’s a sport that requires coordination, tone and reactivity. In itself, badminton is very complete, and when you come out of a 1-hour session, you feel like you’re exhausted! If it does not require particular physical conditions, badminton is demanding over time. You have to be able to hold a one-hour session. Ultimately, if you want to sweat, have fun and exercise, this sport is ideal. Test this practice at home with friends, before entering a club: you will realize if badminton is for you.

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