This vacuum cleaner is the most sought-after at the moment in France (here’s where to find it at the best price)

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, discover the most sought-after model at the moment in France. We also tell you where to find it at the best price.

For many, it’s time for spring cleaning! The season is indeed conducive to tidying up, cleaning and sorting in the house. If some opt for a radical method like Swedish death cleaning or take inspiration from the famous Marie Kondo to throw away objects they have no use for (based on the happiness it brings them), others focus on on hygiene. Six places are often forgotten in the kitchen even though they are full of bacteria. This is the opportunity to clean them thoroughly.

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But to properly clean your home, you need to be well equipped. Although the vacuum cleaner is one of those Christmas gifts that women definitely don’t want to receive, it remains a good investment for a household. A high-performance model can allow you to be more efficient, even faster, and to tire less. But which models are the most popular? The comparator idealo called on its experts to study the matter in April 2024.

What is the most sought after vacuum cleaner?

In terms of the most sought-after vacuum cleaner brands, the March 2023 ranking included: Dyson first, Roborock second, Bissell third then Rowenta, Dreame Technology, iRobot, Kärcher, Miele, ECOVACS and Bosch. While in March 2024, we find in order: Dreame Technology, Dyson, Roborock, Rowenta, Bissell, Kärcher, Hoover, Tineco, iRobot and Bosch. So this is a surprise: Dreame Technology dethroned Dyson !

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And as for the models, the top 10 most popular vacuum cleaners according to idealo are :

  • L10s Pro Ultra Heat white, Dreame Technology
  • H12 Pro, from Dreame Technology
  • Bot L20 Ultra, from Dreame Technology
  • Bissell SpotClean Pro 1558N
  • L10s Ultra, from Dreame Technology
  • V15 Detect Absolute (2023), from Dyson
  • V8 nickel/silver (2023), from Dyson
  • L10 Prime, from Dreame Technology
  • Gen5 Detect, from Dyson
  • D10 Plus, from Dreame Technology

Where to find the Dreame Technology vacuum cleaner at the best price?

And unsurprisingly, it’s precisely on the website ofidealo that you will find the best prices to get the famous L10s Pro Ultra Heat white. This robot vacuum cleaner from Dreame Technology vacuums and washes the floor. It has an autonomy of 200 minutes, and its charging time is 360. Its tank has a capacity of 3.5 L, and it is available in gray and white.

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You can use it to clean parquet as well as hard floors, tiles, carpet, rugs and furniture, including animal hair. A nugget therefore, but which has a cost since it is 999 euros. It remains to be seen whether you have the budget, or the desire to spend such a sum on this vacuum cleaner which vacuums and mops the floors all by itself.

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