this “very violent” moment for Camille Lou, “the worst of her career”


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In 2016, Camille Lou participated in Dance with the stars on TF1. If the actress was until the semifinals, she has very bad memories.

This Tuesday, October 5, 2021, Camille Lou was a guest in Buzz TV. The actress reconsidered her experience in Dance with the stars, which she considers as “the worst of his career.” While dancing with Grégoire Lyonnet, she tells the reaction of the producer of the show. “We rehearse for a whole week. It was a super funny thing. I remember that we arrived on Friday evening, we presented the dance for the next day, with the camera rehearsals. And the producer said to me: ‘No, but Camille , It is not possible !'”, she said, before saying that he then called her “ridiculous” on the scene. “It was very violent. But it wasn’t mean, he didn’t realize it at all.”

According to her, the producer was not convinced by the faces she was making, because he preferred that she do “something nice.” “It was a big slap! And that’s when I started to understand what I wanted”, she explained. Camille Lou and Grégoire Lyonnet were however right to do this choreography since they received praise from the jury.

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In Dance with the stars, Camille Lou conquered viewers.

“It was not easy, it was not always a joyful adventure”, she explained. However, the show Dance with the stars was a real springboard for the young actress. Indeed, she is currently the star of the series I lied, broadcast on France 2. She plays Audrey, a young woman survivor of a serial killer, who follows in her footsteps 16 years later.

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