This Warzone class replicates a weapon from Advanced Warfare

The HBRa3 was one of the deadliest Assault Rifles in Advanced Warfare and recently FaZe Clan streamer Swagg decided to replicate this weapon in Warzone.

Historically, Warzone has allowed players to create custom classes that can give them an edge over their opponents. And thanks to the large amount of accessories available, certain classes can lead to unique combinations thus reproducing certain emblematic weapons of certain CoD.

And recently, the famous streamer Swagg reproduced the HBRa3, a fully automatic assault rifle from Advanced Warfare.


La Grau is going to be the base for this HBRa3 class in Warzone.

This weapon is known for its reasonable recoil and more than decent damage, making it a great choice for mid-range duels.

So if you want to use the HBRa3 in a certain way in Warzone, find out what you need to equip on the Grau in order to reproduce the same sensations as back in the day.

Swagg’s HBRa3 (Grau) class in Warzone

  • Blocked : Monolithic silencer
  • cannon : Tempus 26.4″ Archangel
  • Cannon accessory : Commando front grip
  • Ammunition : 60 round magazine
  • Asset : Sleight of hand

If you want to reproduce the HBRa3 up to the visual, then you need to equip the Mother Lode de la Grau weapon blueprint. This legendary variant of the weapon is equipped with the unique scope used by the HBRa3 in Advanced Warfare.

This class will allow you to compete against many weapons in long and medium range duels with relatively solid accuracy.

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