This Warzone SMG has received a rather unexpected nerf

A Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific expert discovered that the Owen received a secret nerf in the May 4 update.

The Owen is one of the most popular weapons in Season 3 but Warzone expert TrueGameData dug through in-game data to find that this submachine gun has received a secret nerf, seriously affecting its time to kill (TTK) .

Warzone Season 3 has arrived with many surprising changes, with many weapon adjustments, especially for sniper rifles. And in the May 4 update, Raven Software made a few changes not mentioned in the patch notes.


For several weeks now, the Owen has totally dominated the Warzone melee meta.

Along with the MP40, the Owen has clearly been a popular submachine gun in Warzone for quite some time. But this might not be able to continue following this rather unexpected nerf that hit the weapon. One could quickly see the major impact of this nerf on the weapon.

โ€œThe Owen’s default magazine and rapid cannon have been secretly nerfed, they are now 49.34 instead of 50.35. slowly.”

Even after this small nerf, we still advise you to make your arrangements and try the Owen again if you haven’t already. This will allow you to self-evaluate the weapon with these new stats, which can still be a serious option in your custom classes.

If you feel a clear difference with the weapon, then just switch to another submachine gun that will surely satisfy you just as much as the Owen. Whether it’s the MP40 or others, you still have a wide choice on Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific!

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