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Yesterday, Tuesday September 28, 2021, Christian Dior’s Spring-Summer 2022 fashion show was held in Paris. On the catwalk, the make-up of the models was focused on the eyes, and more precisely on an eyeliner line capable of highlighting the eyes of all the top models regardless of their shape.

Large or small, apart or close together, almond shaped, with drooping eyelids, round or even slanted … There is amultitude of different eye shapes and not all eye makeup are necessarily able to sublimate them all. The way to apply eye shadow or the way we draw an eyeliner line in particular, can just as much highlight a shape of eyes that transform it, and this, not always in a very flattering way.

So inevitably, when Peter Philips, the famous talented makeup artist who is also the director of creation and image of Christian Dior make-up, opt for eyeliner eye makeup which absolutely flatters all the models who parade on the catwalk of the luxury label during the ready-to-wear show dedicated to the spring-summer 2022 season, we are all ears.

The eyeliner from the Dior show, flattering makeup for everyone

If the star make-up artist has opted for a classic make-up product by highlighting the eyeliner, Peter Philips did not forget his creativity when it came to making up the models for the Dior show. Instead of drawing a continuous black line flush with their lashes, which ends in a classic comma at the corner of the eye cat-eye style, the creative and image director of makeup Christian Dior opted for a makeup eyes composed not of one but of two sixties-inspired black eyeliner strokes.
Not classic for a line, this eye makeup was indeed composed of two small parallel lines of liner focused at the outer corners eyes rather than a long one extending into a point, the latter not touching to display a slightly allure graphic.
The main originality of this double line of eyeliner designed by the makeup artist? He is able to highlight any shape of eyes – although it is duplicated – since it is limited to half of the eye. “This makeup flatters all eye shapes.” Peter Philips told Vogue magazine *.

Eye makeup from the Dior show on the different eye shapes

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It is clear that this double line of eyeliner black targeted at the outer corner of the mannequins’ eyes, brilliantly succeeded in flattering all the eye shapes he dresses.

For the rest of the make-up, the make-up artist has bet on simplicity by unifying the complexion using the Dior Backstage foundation with a natural finish, by brushing the supermodel’s eyebrows upwards and making up their mouths. with Dior universal balm which subtly enhances the complexion of the lips.

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Peter Philips for Dior: the reinterpretation of classic make-up

This is not the first time that the Dior makeup artist has reinvented the most classic makeup thanks to his innovative vision. For the fall-winter 2021-2022 ready-to-wear collection, he revisited the essential dark smoky eyes by moving the dark shadow to the outer corners of the eyelid so as to create an original play of light and shadow.

3 really cute ways to apply your golden eyeliner:

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