this well-felt little tackle from Amel Bent who did not make Bigflo and Oli laugh

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During the last edition of the blind auditions of “The Voice”, this Saturday April 8, Amel Bent did not fail to spoof the coaches Bigflo and Oli. She notably sent a well-felt tackle, which did not really make them laugh.

This Saturday, April 8 marked the end clap of the blind auditions of The Voice 2023. Coaches Amel Bent, Zazie, Vianney, Bigflo and Oli took advantage of this final session to win the last talents they needed to build their team. A task that was, for some, more difficult than others. Indeed, the Toulouse rappers have, since the start of the season, a little difficult to convince candidates to join their ranks. So much so that they almost did not reach the regulatory number of fourteen talents minimum. Something to amuse the other coaches.

Amel Bent notably took the opportunity to send a heartfelt spade to the two brothers, who occupy the famous red seats for the first time this year. “But you, did you understand the game or…? At some point, we’re not going to be able to play for you“, mocked the mother of the family. “Pmaybe we can get a brief, like at the beginning“, then retorted Vianney, hilarious. Teases which obviously did not make Bigflo laugh. “I prefer to be less [de talents, ndlr]than to more”replied the young man in his defense.

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“They didn’t understand the rules”

In a slightly more serious tone, Amel Bent then gave a little reminder of the rules to rappers. “You can’t be less. You can’t not have enough”said the singer. “When it comes to cross battles, we all need to have the same number of talents so that they can ‘fight’ each other. You need to have at least fourteen. That’s the basis…”she said, before adding a bit caustic: “They didn’t understand the rule.” “It’s an equation, it can’t work if you don’t have fourteen talents”, she concluded. An explanation that did not disconcert Bigflo and his brother. “So, I suggest to those who are full to stop turning around”, assured Oli with aplomb. Well answered!


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