This winter, you will need a wetsuit to swim in this municipal pool

A town in Val-de-Marne has decided to stop heating its Olympic pool to reduce its energy bill, reports RTL.


The Olympic swimming pool in Nogent-sur-Marne, in the Val-de-Marne, is no longer heated due to the price of energy. Wearing a thermal suit is now compulsory. (illustrative image)

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NOTOgent-sur-Marne is working to lower its energy bill. As RTL indicates, this town in Val-de-Marne has stopped heating the Olympic pool outside its nautical center due to rising energy prices. The chilly are therefore no longer welcome there since the water is now at 19 degrees daily against 26 degrees previously. A temperature that forces swimmers to wear a wetsuit or risk not being accepted into the pool.

For the good of the health of the athletes and to avoid any risk of hypothermia, the management has implemented new measures. “We ask our users to reduce their training time”, explains to our colleagues Adeline Savary, responsible for aquatic activities. Thus, “if they are used to swimming for two hours, they are asked to reduce by 30 minutes, or even 45 minutes depending on the temperature and their physical condition”, she specifies.

For the moment, no medical certificate is requested from swimmers and the Nogent-sur-Marne swimming pool also reminds that the indoor pool remains heated at 28 degrees for those most sensitive to the cold.

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Nearly two million euros saved

This strong act allows the municipality of Nogent-sur-Marne to save energy but also in its finances. While the swimming pool basins are heated by gas, this would have represented an additional cost of 1.8 million euros for the year. The city as a whole will also save money thanks to these new measures, since the nautical center alone represented half of its energy consumption.

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