This zodiac sign is going to have a very difficult start to October


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October is here, and so is Libra season. But this beginning of the month is not easy for one zodiac sign in particular… He will have to hang on.

With the month of October beginning, Libra also becomes the star of the zodiac. This sign of balance, aesthetics and compromise lives its season to the full. Libra, an air sign, has very compatible energies with other air signs like it (Gemini, Aquarius), but also with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). It is also often incompatible with the signs of water and earth. October 2022 is also the period when Mercury stops retrograding: it has stopped its retrograde since October 4th. Results : communications are more fluid, more concrete exchanges, smoother and less conflictual relationships. A good thing to start this autumn month serenely. The sign of Gemini will live particularly well this month of October because its planet Mercury is once again present.

But this is not the case for this astrological sign, which will find it more difficult to move forward in October. It’s about Pisces. This big dreamer has trouble adapting and will feel blocked: it’s not easy, but that will change at the end of the month.

This zodiac sign is struggling to cope with this month of October

Pisces is not the most favored sign for this month of October for several reasons. A square between Saturn and Venus the week of October 3 to 9 limits strongly the expression of all that is new, revolutionary, which advances and awakens. Pisces will have to be patient for this to unlock. Pisces tends to stagnate, to be blocked… He who likes to explore, to imagine and who doesn’t like limits, it’s a difficult moment to live. The natives of the second decan can be alerted by a physical or psychological symptom not to be underestimated because it could be the beginning of a healing process. But do not panic, if the beginning of October is difficult for this water sign, from October 24, the Sun passes into Scorpio. He too is a water sign: this is going to be a better month for Pisces. He has to hang on, nothing is ever fixed.

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