Thomas Pesquet victim of slack: what he missed the most on board the ISS

Two months after his return to Earth, Thomas Pesquet answered questions from Yann Barthès in Daily this Monday, January 17. Without a filter, the astronaut revealed having experienced slack when he was on board the ISS.

During six months, Thomas Pésquet monitored the Earth from the International Space Station. And on November 9, Anne Mottet’s husband and his expedition friends returned to dry land. After six long months spent in orbit, it is out of the question for the astronaut to resume a normal life. Because the 43-year-old scientist lost muscle in space, and his bones became brittle. Compulsory rehabilitation for Thomas Pesquet, who is now the second favorite personality of the French.

Back in Houston to comment on his various experiments carried out on board the ISS, Thomas Pesquet does not forget his audience, however. Because it must be said that, during his six months in space, the astronaut published anecdotes of his space life every day. Privileged moments and exceptional photos that always made Internet users dream. It is therefore with great pleasure that the astronaut answered Yann Barthès’ questions in Day-to-day this Monday, January 17.

“I have already done enough work”

He, who made the return trip with diapers, told the presenter that the smell on board the ISS was not the most pleasant. “It smells mostly musty, you lose your sense of smell a bit because you have fluids that diffuse differently, a bit as if you had a cold. So we don’t really feel what’s going on in the ISS and I think that’s good”, he asserted. If he wore a smile daily on social networks, Thomas Pesquet admitted to having felt slack during his stay in space.

The first quarter, you arrive, you have the adrenaline, you’re super deep, you have plenty of things to do. The second quarter, in general, is where you are effective, where you have appropriated your environment. The last quarter, you prepare the return. And there’s this thing that’s always a little soft in the third quarter where you say to yourself: I’ve done enough work already. It’s not really the time to think about the return‘” he listed. And Thomas Pesquet admits, his loved ones missed him a lot. “And then it’s not easy to be so far from your family”, he acknowledges. But two months after his return to Earth, Thomas Pesquet has only one desire: to go back into space!

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