Thor: Chris Hemsworth is not the only actor to have played him

Did you know Chris Hemsworth wasn’t the only one to portray Thor on the big screen? In the 80s, another actor played the famous superhero. Well almost…

Thor on the big screen is obviously Australian Chris Hemsworth, who has played the superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011. But while the hammer man’s new solo adventure, Love and Thunder, is currently in theaters, it is amusing to remember that he is not the only actor to have embodied it in the cinema.

In 1987, Chris Columbus, future director of Maman, j’ai missed l’avion, Madame Doubtfire and the first two parts of the Harry Potter saga, made his first film, a comedy called Crazy Night. Led by Elisabeth Shue, the latter notably features a little girl fascinated by the character of Thor. So fascinated that when she crosses paths with the blond mechanic Dawson, she thinks she is face to face with the Asgardian superhero!

The one who embodies Dawson in Crazy Night, and who therefore appears to us in the guise of Thor in a scene seen through the eyes of a young girl, is Vincent D’Onofrio. The American actor shot the film nine months after starring Leonard “Whale” Lawrence in Full Metal Jacket, and it’s impressive that he’s lost a lot of the 32 pounds put on for Kubrick’s film in that short amount of time.

Years after his interpretation (or almost) of Thor in Crazy Night, Vincent D’Onofrio will collaborate for good with Marvel. The actor has indeed slipped into the guise of bad-guy Wilson Fisk in the Daredevil and Hawkeye series.

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In an interview with Yahoo Movies, director Chris Columbus had explained why he had chosen to put images, in an unconventional way but all the same, the character of Thor. “In the original script, the little girl was obsessed with characters named He-Man and She-Ra.”he says.

“At the time, these characters meant absolutely nothing to me”continues the American filmmaker. “But I was a big fan of the Marvel comic books, and I thought that Thor would be an interesting character for the film, without imagining for a second that twenty years later, all the films would be based on comic books.”

Below, the famous scene of Thor in “Night of madness”:

We will conclude by indicating that in addition to Chris Hemsworth and Vincent D’Onofrio, other actors have also interpreted the superhero on the screen. The Italian Bruno Minitti and the American Zachery Ty Bryan, respectively in the modest Thor the warrior and Thor and the hammer of the gods, were indeed entitled to this honor.

The trailer for “Thor Love And Thunder”:

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