Thore Schölermann: For him, "sustainability is a kind of social intelligence"

Thore Schölermann
For him "sustainability is a kind of social intelligence"

Thore Schölermann also gives everything virtually.

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Thore Schölermann fights for the environment – not only for himself, but also for his unborn children.

"Sustainability is not a trend, it is an attitude", moderator Thore Schölermann (36) is convinced. The presenter has fought passionately for the environment for many years. "For me it was and has always been a matter of course to protect my 'home' so that my children also have the chance to experience the same," he explains at a Cremissimo digital event. The company is setting a sustainable example with its "Love Nature" ice cream brand. The entire packaging consists of 92 percent paper. At the virtual event, Schölermann prepares a dessert with pastry chef Marcus Hannig and talks about his idea of ​​sustainability.

You have been passionate about sustainability for many years. Where does this commitment come from?

Thore Schölermann: Through my childhood I have a strong relationship with nature. For me, nature means rest, retreat and energy and for my forest it is also a resource. For me it was and has always been a matter of course to protect my "home" so that my children also have the chance to experience the same. Sustainability is not a trend, it is an attitude.

How sustainably do you live with your wife Jana, what do you attach particular importance to?

Schölermann: We eat little meat, buy food carefully and, above all, try to reduce our waste. There is no need to use a plastic bag for every tomato I buy. There are now also brands that pay attention to the packaging and make it sustainable. For example, the packaging for "Love Nature by Cremissimo" is 92 percent made of paper. Both the cup and the lid are paper-based and can be disposed of with waste paper. In everyday life, these supposed little things make an extremely big difference. It's not about being perfect, but about living consciously, everyone as they can and want. Every action costs energy, every comfort even more energy. You always have to keep that in mind. For me, sustainability is a kind of social intelligence.

How do you experience the Corona crisis as a couple, is the lockdown putting your relationship to the test?

Schölermann: We were all very uncertain, especially at the beginning. How dangerous is Corona, how long will the lockdown last, what restrictions will we have, what does that mean professionally? So much uncertainty logically leads to discussion and tension. But you only notice how good a roof is when it rains and we can now say with a clear conscience that it is tight.

How are you currently passing the time?

Schölermann: Fortunately, despite Corona, I am very busy professionally. Whenever I have a day off, there is work on the construction site. Sounds illogical, but for me it is the best relaxation. When I'm not in front of the camera, I lay tiles, dig up our garden or pave the driveway.

Is Corona currently making construction work on your house more difficult?

Schölermann: The construction work is going without any problems, the workers are rather happy that we are not always allowed to come by because of Corona restrictions in order to annoy them with extra requests.

What do you look forward to most when it's all over?

Schölermann: During this time I became even more grateful for the luxury that we so naturally use every day. I just actually miss our friends. Sing carefree with a Kölsch in hand, arm in arm (without a mask)! I am looking forward. Everything is only half as nice if you can't share it with your best friends.