Thousands of arrests – more police officers: protection of the borders is being strengthened

The influx of refugees does not stop. Now the executive is not only increasing its staff in Burgenland. The red-white-red contingent is also increasing in the Hungary-Serbia mission, as announced by Interior Minister Gerhard Karner.

The situation at the border in Burgenland remains tense. On Saturday between midnight and 10 a.m., 130 migrants had to be apprehended in the Oberpullendorf district alone. So far this year 17,600 refugees have been registered. Their numbers are expected to skyrocket in the summer.A lot of work for officialsAccording to current reports, it takes an hour and a half to register a migrant. The highest authorities are trying to speed up processing. The increase in the number of staff is intended to help with this.Support coming soonOn July 1st, 55 new police officers will start their service at the Hungarian border. They come from Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg and Upper Austria. “38 officers are assigned to the Nickelsdorf location, eight in the Oberpullendorf district and another five to the situation center of the state police headquarters,” it says. Four colleagues are to be used as bus drivers for the transport of refugees.Fight against people smugglersThe fight against illegal migration is also being intensified further east. Starting in autumn, the number of Austrian police officers on the Hungarian-Serbian border will be increased from 30 to 50, as Interior Minister Gerhard Karner announced after talks with MEP Christian Sagartz. “Austria is one of the countries most heavily burdened by migration. Due to its geographical location, Burgenland is particularly affected. That’s why we need robust external border protection and internal border controls,” explains the Minister of the Interior. When it comes to more police presence, he and Sagartz agree. Drones and thermal imaging bus “Our police officers are already doing an excellent job supporting their Hungarian colleagues at the EU’s external border with Serbia. However, in order to successfully combat the increasing illegal activities of the smugglers, the further increase in human resources on site from September is absolutely necessary,” adds Karner. In addition, two more drones and a thermal imaging bus are to be provided.Sagartz: “Tugs must be stopped at the EU’s external borders at the latest. Increased operations against the perpetrators relieve the police in Austria as well.”
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