Thousands of euros away – “Casanova” takes money from woman (55) on the Internet

The Tyrolean police are again investigating fraud on the Internet. This time the victim is a German (55) who is settled in the Reutte district. The woman found her supposedly great love on a dating platform. The only thing behind the “Casanova” was, of course, a crook who was targeting her current account.

According to the police, the fraudster made contact with the 55-year-old through a dating platform in mid-November. “In the near future, there was intensive contact via social media until the unknown perpetrator, pretending to be in dire straits, began to demand several amounts of money from the woman.” After the German had already transferred a low five-digit euro amount in several tranches to a German account and the perpetrator demanded again the transfer of a high four-digit euro amount, the woman filed a complaint with the police. Further investigations are currently underway. A report is then made to the Innsbruck public prosecutor’s office.
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