THQ Nordic officially announces the return of Alone in the Dark to PS5, Xbox Series and PC

From the pioneer of survival horror designed in particular by Frédérick Raynal for Infrogrames, only the narrative bases remain, the setting of 1920s Louisiana or the playable characters of Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, who venture into the Decerto mansion and its surroundings to find a trace of the missing uncle of it. After this morning’s leak, this trailer comes to set the tone for this re-reading in an atmosphere of psychological horror which moreover is closer to a Swery65 game than a Resident Evil, with its intriguing characters and its distorted music.

The gameplay should be on par with Capcom’s remakes though, with an over-the-shoulder view, a large mental institution to explore, nice puzzles to solve, and ammo to manage. As we said before, the Swedish studio Pieces Interactive, for which this is the first major project and the first survival horror, has called on screenwriter Mikael Hedberg (SOMA) to help it set up the story of the game and its psychological asperities, while Jason Köhnen is in charge of the soundtrack doom-jazz and that Guy Davis, a collaborator of Guillermo del Toro, took care of making us pretty monsters.

Alone in the Dark doesn’t yet have a release date but will be playable at gamescom Cologne August 24-28 as part of a specially curated prologue. Separate from the game presented here, this prologue will feature Grace Saunders from Alone in the Dark 2, a game in which she was only 8 years old.

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