Threads won’t be available in France for several months, according to Instagram boss

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, is formal: it will take several months for Threads to comply with European regulations. What to postpone the release date of the social network in 2024? Hard to say at the moment, but one thing is certain, it’s not tomorrow the day before that we can get our hands on it.

Like a small impression of missing out on the party. While the rest of the world has been taking advantage of Threads for several days, Meta’s new social network supposed to overshadow Twitter, France and the European Union network remain on the sidelines. In question, the RGPD which the platform must comply with if it wishes to extend to the Old Continent, which obviously takes a little time.

Too much time for some obviously, according to the question that was asked by a French Internet user to Adam Mosseri, boss of Instagram, during a FAQ session on the latter’s account. “We want Threads in France, when can we expect to get our hands on it? », asks the latter. The answer of the person concerned may disappoint the most impatient of you.

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No Threads in France for several months

” Unfortunately […] to be sure that we comply with the laws that will arrive in 2024, it will take time”, explains Adam Mosseri. “I think as a development team we need to focus less on the United States. But it turns out that to verify that [tout est en ordre], unfortunately we will have to wait several more months. »

Several months therefore, without further details, this is the window with which the boss of Instagram leaves us. It is not difficult to imagine a launch for 2024, even if we still have a little time before reaching this deadline. Very bad news for users who hoped to have finally found an alternative to Twitter.

Remember that despite a brief period of respite, Threads is now completely unavailable in France, even with a VPN. Moreover, the situation is also not doing good business for Meta, the social network having already lost half of its daily active users.

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