Threat after rape – after the incident in Geneva: policeman and control authority under suspicion – News


A Geneva police officer is said to have raped and threatened a prostitute and violated the duty of the supervisory body.

In Geneva, research by the television station RTS is currently causing a great deal of excitement. It’s about the Geneva police and a sex worker. A police officer is said to have raped the woman first and then threatened her. The public prosecutor’s office has now opened proceedings.

Bad surprise at the station

The focus is on an April night in 2018. At that time, a prostitute came to the police because she said she had been raped. As reported by television RTS, the woman at the police station experienced a nasty surprise. She had written down the perpetrator’s license plate number. And this could also be found. It was an off-duty police officer – who then promptly showed up when she was questioned.


The actions of the police raise the question of whether the police control body in Geneva is functioning at all.

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He was sitting in a room with the responsible commissioner and a representative of the IGS department, which is the police force, so to speak. The woman says he downplayed everything.

In addition, she was offered two to five hundred francs of hush money. The police justified themselves to the Westschweizer Tagesschau that both should have explained themselves.

Investigation from two aspects

The investigation, which the public prosecutor has announced, is about both the night of the crime and the actions of the police, as the public prosecutor’s statement states. The investigation will be led by Attorney General Olivier Jornot.

Three employees of the IGS will support him. However, these are three people who only came to the department long after the incidents that are now being investigated.

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