Threatened with killing – clashes kept police on their toes

A dispute between two acquaintances escalated on Saturday. One man threatened to kill his acquaintance and her children with an iron bar. On the same day, the officers were called to Kaprun for a dispute.

On Saturday evening there was a dispute between a 36-year-old Austrian and an acquaintance of the same age. After this continued to escalate, the woman called the police. The man then threatened her: he would fetch an iron bar now and if she were still there, he would kill her and her children. The intervening officers were able to arrest the accused. A ban on approach and entry was issued. Further investigations will follow.

A relationship dispute also escalated in Kaprun: after a loud argument between an 18-year-old Kosovar and his 19-year-old girlfriend, police officers had to intervene. The Kosovar was becoming increasingly aggressive – then the handcuffs clicked. During the subsequent search, the officers found a small amount of narcotic drug on him and seized it. It will be displayed.