three great free games, classics, enjoy!

Subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online are in luck, since three new games have just joined the service, but there is a condition to be met to be able to play them.

Right now, we’re in the middle of the end-of-year holiday season. You know what that means, it’s time to make the gifts rain, and Nintendo has understood that well. He plans to put on his Santa coat and bring nice surprises to Switch owners. Thus, three new games are available free of charge to Online subscribers, and more precisely to those who hold the famous Additional Pack.

Three new free games for Nintendo Switch Online

As a reminder, the Additional Pack allows you to access a retro catalog immersing you in N64 games. There are titles GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, but also Paper Mario and F-Zero X. For the month of December 2023, Nintendo has seen things big, by adding three new games to play for free via the service. We first have Jet Force Gemini which had already been announced two weeks ago. The TPS released in 1999 is a great classic of the time, and if you like the genre, you shouldn’t miss it.

Then, we find Harvest Moon 64, a game mixing life simulation and RPG, whose goal is to take care of a farm left to you by your grandfather. One must have the best ranch, while taking part in various activities. Most of you are no doubt familiar with the franchise that has now become Story of Seasons. It’s a must-have for all fans of management, simulation, and role-playing games, and it’s available now via the Nintendo Switch Online Additional Pack.

Finally, we also have 1080° Snowboarding, released in 1998. There, there is no question of managing your farm or shooting everything that moves. As the name suggests, it is a racing game, with snowboarding as the main element. In total, you can play as five different characters, and there are eight tracks available for you to try out. You should know that the title developed by Nintendo has had quite an astonishing success, with more than a million copies sold. It was a great feat, and you might understand why if you give it a chance on your Switch.

Another game to play for free

If retro isn’t your cup of tea, then don’t worry, Nintendo has thought of everything. In fact, you can currently try Suika Game, at no additional cost, until December 11. It is part of the Trial Games offer, which explains why it will not remain free for long. The title arrived on the console in October 2023 (December 2021 in Japan), and it is already a huge hit. We’re talking about 4 million players who have fallen for him.

In terms of the concept, there is nothing rocket science. You have to fill a box with fruit, and each time you put one in, you earn points. We must therefore obtain the best score before it overflows, which symbolizes Game Over. To make the task easier, it is possible to merge identical fruits to create one that will be more massive. So his type will change and he may end up in a big watermelon. In short, it promises short but intense games.

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