Three hazelnuts for Cinderella: broadcast dates 2020

Christmas without "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella"? Unthinkable for many! Here you can find all broadcast dates for 2020.

The film "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella" belongs to Christmas like tinsel, gingerbread and pine greens – and can be seen on television several times during the contemplative season.

Christmas: "Three hazelnuts for Cinderella" – broadcast dates 2020

Advent Season

  • Sunday, November 29th, 2:03 p.m., Das Erste
  • Sunday, December 6th, 5:25 p.m., MDR
  • Sunday, December 13th, 1:20 p.m., WDR
  • Sunday, December 20, 12:05 p.m., BR
  • Sunday, December 20, 2:15 p.m., ONE
  • Sunday, December 20, 3:05 p.m., NDR


  • Thursday, December 24th, 12.15 p.m., THE FIRST
  • Thursday, December 24th, 4:05 p.m., NDR
  • Thursday, December 24th, 6:50 p.m., ONE
  • Thursday, December 24th, 8:15 p.m., WDR
  • Thursday, December 24th, 10:30 p.m., SWR
  • Thursday, December 24th, 11:15 p.m., RBB
  • Friday, December 25th, 11:15 am, THE FIRST
  • Friday, December 25, 8:15 p.m., NDR
  • Saturday, December 26th, 4:05 p.m., MDR
  • Saturday, December 26th, 4.40 p.m., ONE
  • Sunday, December 27th, 12 noon, KiKA

New Year

  • Friday, January 1, 2021, 4.30 p.m., RBB
  • Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 8:05 a.m., BR

"Three hazelnuts for Cinderella": That's what it's all about

"Three hazelnuts for Cinderella" was shot in 1973 and is based on the fairy tale of the same name by Božena Němcová – a modification of "Cinderella" by the Brothers Grimm. In "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella", after the death of her parents, Cinderella has to live with her wicked stepmother and is treated there by her and her daughters like a maid. But the tide turns when Cschenbrödel suddenly meets a prince. To win his heart, three enchanted hazelnuts help her.