Three injured – ambulance collided with timber truck

In the area of ​​a construction site near the Erdmannsiedlung in Radenthein, an ambulance collided with a timber truck for unknown reasons on Wednesday evening. The three people in the ambulance – including a patient – were injured to an indefinite degree and taken to the surrounding hospitals. The Radenthein and Döbriach fire brigades were also on duty to secure and clean up the accident site.

The ambulance was probably on the way to a hospital when the collision occurred at around 5 p.m. on Millstätter Strasse (B 98). Why the collision occurred in the construction site area is still being investigated. Two of the people injured in the ambulance were taken to the surrounding hospitals in other ambulance vehicles, the third injured person was flown to the hospital in the RK1 rescue helicopter. “Fortunately, no one was trapped,” the fire brigade said.

The tasks of the Radenthein and Döbriach fire brigades consisted of securing the scene of the accident and carrying out clean-up work.