Thumb stuck – fire brigade had to flex the bowling ball

Unusual assignment for the Florianijünger in Hohenems (Vorarlberg): There, an 18-year-old wanted to have a fun evening in the bowling hall. But nothing came of it. Her thumb suddenly got stuck in a bowling ball and could not be freed.

Thursday evening did not go according to plan at all for an 18-year-old schoolgirl in Hohenems: the teenager actually wanted to have fun with her schoolmates in the bowling alley. But when the young woman touched a bowling ball, her thumb suddenly got stuck and could not be freed. Neither water, oil nor soap helped. Florianis approached with a saw. The alarmed rescue teams then had the brilliant idea: off to the fire brigade! There, the Floriani disciples flexed the ball from the student’s thumb. The handsaw maneuver worked perfectly: the ball is no longer usable, but the girl remained unharmed.
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