Thunderstorms in Carinthia – floods, fallen trees and boats in distress

Heavy thunderstorms are currently moving over parts of Carinthia – the local fire brigades have to move out because of torn trees and flooded basements. Several roads are closed. Here you can find out where the risk of thunderstorms remains high.

Several trees have already been uprooted by the storm, and the Carinthian fire brigades are cleaning up. The Packer Straße B70 is currently closed because fallen trees have to be removed first. The B100 Drautal road between Paternion and Feistritz in the Drautal is also closed due to flooding. Several cellars are under water in Bad Kleinkirchheim, and there are also other small-scale floods here. On Lake Millstatt, the water rescue service also had to move out on Friday afternoon: boats and stand-up paddlers who had been in danger because of the storm were brought to safety. Thunderstorms in all of Carinthia are the strongest The lower Drau valley and the Gurk and Lavant valleys are currently affected by the storms: the most violent thunderstorms occur in these regions with intense gusts of wind, heavy rain and sometimes even hail. In some places, the weather changed so quickly that trees were uprooted. The risk of thunderstorms will not decrease in the coming hours, quite the opposite: According to meteorologists, the bad weather could spread to several parts of Carinthia. Rain is also expected in the Klagenfurt Basin and in the greater Villach area.
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