Thuringia scandal: Great horror also among the celebrities


After the electoral scandal in Thuringia, some German celebrities also commented on the events in the Erfurt state parliament. All of them, without exception, criticize the events and are concerned about Germany and democracy.

"What a brown hour for Thuringia!"

Born in Erfurt, Janin Ullmann (38, "Thing of the year") makes her displeasure on Instagram. Under a picture that shows the handshake of Thomas Kemmerich (54, FDP) with AFD politician Björn Höcke (47), she writes: "FDP + AFD = AFDP. Everything about this picture is wrong and shameful, just like this election and let yourself be excited in front of the AfD cars. What a brown hour for Thuringia! "


In the same notch, the former biathlete Kati Wilhelm (43) on Facebook (43), who also comes from Thuringia (Schmalkalden): "Incredible !!!! Now we have a prime minister from the party that almost nobody from the Thuringians actually voted for has – but with AfD votes something like that is even possible. What a certificate of poverty for my homeland and our democracy. "

Another apparently lacks the words. Michael Bully Herbig (51, "Der Schuh des Manitu") posted a comparison picture on Instagram: while the lower half shows a picture of the handshake between the then Reich President Paul von Hindenburg (1847-1934) and Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) the handshake between Kemmerich and Höcke in the upper part of the picture. In the picture you can read "#vogelschiss".

Quite a number of tweets comedian and moderator Ingmar Stadelmann (39, "humorphob") on the subject. Among other things, he is concerned about the plans of the AfD: "I think one should not ignore why the AfD suddenly chooses an FDP candidate from strategic calculation instead of its own husband. Only then can one anticipate what the next step will be will be: More votes in new elections for right-wing extremists. "

There will most likely be new elections in Thuringia. After just one day as the newly elected Prime Minister, Kemmerich resigned on Thursday. This step was "inevitable", he said at a press conference. After the previous country chief Bodo Ramelow (63, left) was surprisingly voted out on Wednesday, Kemmerich won the vote as prime minister in the third ballot with 45 votes. However, he only achieved this because the AfD also voted for Kemmerich.