Tier list LoL | Patch 12.1 | The best champions by role

League of Legends Season 2022 begins with Patch 12.1. Discover the best champions to climb the ladder!

The patches follow each other and are not alike on Riot Games’ must-have MOBA. The studio continues its balancing updates, including retouching many items and characters. Which champions are benefiting the most from these changes? We let you discover it with our Tier List 12.1!

What changed with League of Legends Patch 12.1?

If we could expect a first minor patch to launch the 2022 Season smoothly, Riot Games has surprised players! Indeed, the studio has touched on one of the most impactful summoner spells in the game, which could drastically affect the meta.

Thus, the Teleportation spell is entitled to an overhaul! With a fixed cooldown of 360 seconds (down from 420-210 seconds), the summoner spell simply can’t be used on wards and minions until minute 14, and no longer grants bonuses movement speed. Once the 14 minutes, you will regain the Teleport you know, with however a fixed cooldown of 240 seconds.

This huge change should suit champions who don’t tend to use this spell aggressively to help their botlane, and who prefer a more stable lane phase. We think in particular of Kayle who should flourish perfectly with this new version of the summoner spell.

On the side of champions and items, no balancing should drastically upset the established order of things. The nerf to the Immortal Shield Bow AND Burn’s End should nevertheless calm the ardor of champions like Vayne and Viego.

Tier List Top League of Legends

Tahm Kench

Even though Tahm has been nerfed recently, he’s still the best top right now. He has almost all the tools: slow, bump, ability to eat enemies and allies, as well as colossal regeneration. It has very few unfavorable matchups. If you want to go up, play Tahm Kench.


Shen has everything going for him at the start of the Preseason. Its damage in % of max HP makes it an excellent duelist against tanks, but that’s not all! Indeed, the meta is full of champions based on their auto-attacks, and Shen’s W allows him to easily take advantage of all these characters.


Camille is a very versatile character, she doesn’t need flash thanks to her E and can inflict heavy damage to tanks as well as a very good Split Push ability. She remains one of the best tops to play, and she will have no trouble outscaling the many tanks present at the top.

Dr Mundo

Mundo goes wherever he wants, especially in this extremely tank-friendly Preseason. Despite the Cryopyric Gauntlet’s nerve, the Doctor will most likely continue to go wherever he wants during this patch.


The Rift’s most hated Yordle continues to terrorize melee top laners as Season 2022 begins. to take the lead.

Other champions to consider: Malphite, Akshan, Urgot, Poppy, Nasus

Tier List Jungle League of Legends

The LoL Champion Hecarim


With a brand new build that has exploded in popularity, Hecarim is overpowered at the start of Season 2022. Opt for Ghost and Smite in summoner spells, Phasic Rush in keystone and Chemico-scuba then Manamune in items to obtain an unstoppable champion in mid-game. Hecarim can access the back line without difficulty, where his tankiness coupled with his high damage output make him an absolute threat to enemy carries.


Warwick has always been an outstanding duelist, but with one major flaw: a fairly slow jungle clearing, especially at the start of the game. With the XP drop from the early scavengers, Zaun’s wolf is much less penalized by his slow cleanup which made it difficult for him to get to the scavenger on time and without delay. Plus, his quick dragon catch is a great way to give his team a massive advantage.


Trundle is equally at home in the jungle as it is in the top lane. He shines in this meta tank, where helping his lanes seems more important than constantly farming the jungle.


In patch 11.22, Vi received a lot of tweaks to modernize her kit a bit and make her control skills more reliable. Immediately, his winrate soared to the point that Riot applied a small emergency nerf to him. A nerf that in no way called into question the power of Vi, who is still doing very well at the start of the Preseason.


With his ability to travel the map at full speed, his effective ganks and his incomparable counter jungling, Nunu is overpowered! Very easy to handle, the frosty duo will reward junglers with a solid vision of the game.

Other champions to consider: Rek’Sai, Shaco, Diana, Xin Zhao, Viego

Tier List Mid League of Legends

LoL champion Viktor


Viktor has always been an excellent teamfight mage, but getting to an advanced stage in the game isn’t always easy for him. The new anti-assassin item and the scarcity of its biggest counters make the Herald of the Machines one of the most powerful champions in the meta.


Lux has always had a big weakness: assassins! With the 2022 Preseason and the new mythical object Crown of the Broken Queen, the lady of light is doing much better and can reach this mid game without difficulty where her poke and her burst allow her to make the difference.


The newest champion to tread Summoner’s Rift is already wreaking havoc! Despite a small nerf mid-cycle 11.19, Vex still has a terrifying ability to annihilate minion waves. Difficult to counter in lane and formidable when he starts to roam with his ultimate, Vex is already essential on the mid lane.


The Magi are back on the front of the stage, and their cons too! Kassadin still has the same goal: to survive at the start of the game and then become an absolute threat. The new items help him a lot in this regard, as well as the revamp of the Staff of the Archangel which now gives him everything he needs.


Like many controlling mages, Anivia benefits immensely from the Shattered Queen’s Crown, which gives her the survivability she needs against burst champions. Despite the consequent nerf of this item, she remains an excellent champion to control the central lane and become a zoning monster in team fights.

  • Other champions to consider: Qiyana, Kayle, Akshan, Zed, Annie

Tier List ADC League of Legends

Tier List LoL 11.23 - ADC


Hypercarry par excellence, Vayne rubs his hands as he sees all these tanks return to the meta, with items always giving more HP. Her favorite items were nerfed in patch 12.1, which should take her off her pedestal. While it is difficult to predict if she will still be the indisputable No.1 ADC carry, there is no doubt that she is among the best ADCs around.


We stay in the hypercarry field with Jinx! The latter takes full advantage of the new Mortal Tempo, giving it more punch from the start of the game. Arcane fans, be sure to shout out your love of Powder on the Rift!


A nice buff in patch 11.24 made Caitlyn’s Headshots more powerful than ever, significantly reducing animation time. While the much-loved “Cupcake” still has to navigate a tough midgame, her dominating early game and terrifying late game put her among today’s best ADCs.


AD assassins are far from gone from the Mid meta, and having magic damage on the Bot lane will often allow you to give your team a better damage mix. Ziggs is arguably the best choice among bot mages, with a very simple lane phase, unsustainable late-game poke, and an unbeatable ability to eradicate towers.


In a meta dominated by hyper carries, Jhin acts as a UFO. Still, his unbeatable usefulness for an ADC coupled with his consistent damage make him a unique and valuable part of a team.

Other champions to consider: Draven, Karthus, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Ezreal

Tier List Support League of Legends

Tier List LoL 11.23 - Support


Hypercarries are all the rage in Summoners Rift, and as you know, these fragile little creatures are in dire need of protection. Naturally, the Enchanters have therefore returned to the front of the stage, Soraka in the lead!


For a few patches, Lulu’s versatility has been working wonders. With all those Vayne and other Jinx to protect, the Yordle is more effective than ever!


With its mini rework, Sona has come out of the shadows and has gained a lot of popularity. It is not ready to stop since the oppressive troubadour finds herself in a particularly favorable meta.


One grab, one death: you know the formula. If nothing on the latest patch notes has come directly to help the iron golem, it is the evolution of the meta to the bot that gives it a serious boost. Indeed, the enchanters are back, and it’s just as many fragile and immobile champions that Blitz will be happy to punish.


Lux is everywhere in this new meta. She is one of the most played champions in mid and support, where her arsenal of damage, CC and protection make her a particularly versatile and effective pick.

Other champions to consider: Nami, Leona, Morgana, Maokai, Thresh

This concludes our tier list of the best champions in patch 12.1. Remember that a champion’s mastery often matters more than their rank in the tier list. Good luck with your LoL ranked games!

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