“Tiger King” Joe Exotic: Arch enemy Carole Baskin sells his zoo property

“Tiger King” Joe Exotic
Arch enemy Carole Baskin sells his zoo property

Eternal enemies: Joe “Tiger King” Exotic and Carole Baskin.

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The battle between Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic is another chapter richer. Baskin has now sold the former Tiger King zoo.

Joe Exotic (58), the questionable star of the Netflix documentary “Tiger King”, has been in jail since 2019 for inciting the murder of his archenemy Carole Baskin (60). The guerrilla war between the two seems to continue unbroken. Baskin was awarded the “Tiger King” zoo property in mid-2020 – and that is exactly what she has now sold again with a condition that can be understood as another middle finger on Joe Exotic.

As reported by the US website “TMZ”, Baskin has linked the sale to the condition that no zoo may be built on the extensive site for 100 years. Furthermore, the new owners are prohibited from using the property in any way for anything that has to do with the terms “Tiger King”, “Joe Exotic” or even just the term “Tiger”. In short: any association with the former owner of the property must be avoided.