Tiger Woods: "Awake and approachable" – that's how the golf star feels

Tiger Woods
"Awake and approachable" – that's how the golf star feels

Tiger Woods is currently recovering from emergency surgery

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After his serious car accident, Tiger Woods had a successful operation. A doctor now gave information about the severity of the injury.

After the serious car accident of the American golf professional Tiger Woods (45, "How I Play Golf") was on his official Twitter page published an update on the condition of the 45-year-old. Accordingly, he had to have "a lengthy surgical procedure on his right lower leg and ankle". According to chief physician Anish Mahajan of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, he suffered "massive orthopedic injuries" that were treated by specialists during an emergency operation. The statement speaks of an "open rubble break".

It was necessary to attach a rod, bolts and screws to stabilize the affected area. Despite the severity of the injury, Woods is "currently awake and responsive" and is currently recovering in his hospital room. His family and friends would like to thank the "wonderful doctors and hospital staff" as well as the police and fire brigade who took care of Woods at the scene of the accident.

How exactly the momentous accident came about is not yet known. From the police report it appearsthat the summoned firefighters had to rescue Woods from the wrecked car with hydraulic rescue shears. Accordingly, Woods' SUV suffered "severe damage". The 45-year-old is said to have been traveling alone, according to the report, other vehicles were not involved in the accident.