TikTok trend: This acoustic illusion is amazing – give it a try

Acoustic illusion
You can’t believe your ears here

Acoustic Illusion: What Exactly Can We Really Hear Here?


What the fuck are we listening to here? Especially when we are sure, our brain throws a spanner in the works – try it out for yourself!

We actually know for sure what is happening around us – after all, we can still best trust our own perception. Unfortunately, it is precisely this that can be thoroughly tricked: While we see effects with optical illusions that are actually not there, acoustic illusions let us hear things that actually sound very different. The speaking chorus in this video is a perfect example of an illusion that outwits our own senses.

Acoustic illusion: everyone should listen!

But how is it possible that we can’t believe our own ears? Similar to an optical illusion, our brain takes a short shortcut when processing information. In order to be able to process to some extent the flood of impressions that shower us every second, our mind automatically pre-sorts and sorts out a lot of what is less important. It helps, of course, to fall back on experiences and impressions that we have saved in the course of our lives (that’s why we only think “policewoman” for a short time when we see one, instead of “Oh my God, a woman in uniform, that’s about it.” armed, it looks like a gun on the hip, why is it looking so sternly? “). Without this filter we would probably walk through the world completely helpless and overstimulated.

This is how our ears deceive us

Even with this acoustic illusion, our brain relies on the division of labor: the speaking chorus in the video may shout whatever it wants – if we read a term that sounds similar enough at the same time, both are merged in our perception. Why perceive two different things when they are practically the same thing, according to the logic of our perception. Therefore, the same sound can sound as clear to us as completely different words – you can get an impression of it for yourself in the video!

Source used: TikTok