TikTok under investigation in Europe

TikTok, the video sharing platform whose parent company is the Chinese company Bytedance, is following in the footsteps of X (formerly Twitter) in Europe. She, too, is under investigation for violating the European Union’s “social media regulation law.”

The European Commission announced on Tuesday that it had opened a formal investigation to determine whether TikTok had breached the Digital Services Act (DSA). A preliminary investigation has been underway for some time, says the Wall Street Journal. The move comes two months after the Commission launched its first investigation against X under the DSA in December last year.

The DSA is a new law in force since August last year in the EU. It aims to prevent the spread of false information and illegal and harmful content on social media platforms such as X and TikTok.

“The protection of minors is an absolute priority”

TikTok claims to have removed more than 136.53 million videos during the third quarter of last year alone. Among these videos, “sensitive adult themes” (38.8%) were the most common. TikTok is likely to take further steps to remove videos to avoid EU sanctions.

“The protection of minors is a top priority when applying the DSA,” said Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, “as a platform used by millions of young people, TikTok must not only fully comply with the DSA, but also play a special role in the protection of minors online.

Source: “ZDNet Korea”

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