Til Schweiger: Actor shows new movie poster of “Manta Manta 2”

Til Schweiger
Actor reveals new movie poster for ‘Manta Manta 2’

Acting star Til Schweiger also plays in “Manta Manta 2”.

© Constantin Film/Bernd Spauke

“Manta Manta 2” will be in cinemas on March 30th. Actor Til Schweiger is now showing the new film poster.

The fans of “Manta Manta” are eagerly awaiting this date: On March 30th, the second part of the legendary action comedy by Til Schweiger (59) will be in the cinemas. On Instagram the actor posted the new movie poster.

“3-2-1-GO! Here’s the main poster for ‘Manta Manta: Second Part’,” he wrote. “Don’t forget: The big reunion with Bertie, Uschi & Co. will only be available in cinemas from March 30th.”

Schweiger’s daughters also play along

In addition to Schweiger, the original stars of the first part, Tina Ruland (56) and Michael Kessler (55), also play in the film. Til Schweiger’s daughters Luna (26) and Emma Tiger (20) are also there.

Schweiger had planned the sequel to his 1991 cult film more than ten years ago, but the sudden death of producer Bernd Eichinger (1949-2011) delayed the project. In 2018, Schweiger announced that he had proposed buying the rights from the production company Constantin Film, but this had been rejected. The following year, Constantin Film announced that it was working on a concept and screenplay. In May 2022, “Manta Manta 2” was officially announced, and filming began shortly thereafter.


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