Til Schweiger: He complains about the lack of a minimum distance when walking

Til Schweiger (56, "Keinohrhasen") bursts his collar: In an Instagram video, the actor finds clear words for those who do not keep the prescribed minimum distance when walking in Corona.

The same thing would happen to him every day when he went for a walk: "Adult people with a high school diploma" would inadvertently run straight. "If you just don't dodge it, they will pass you very closely," echoes Schweiger in his video message, which he recorded in the Hirschpark in Hamburg-Nienstedten.

"That kills me"

Schweiger continues: "And then you say to them: 'Hey guys, didn't you hear what the Chancellor said two days ago? Two meters minimum distance. It works in the supermarket, why doesn't it work in the park?'" It is "great" that you still have this right, but: "Do you want to do this until the right is also taken away from us?" Says Schweiger.

As an adult, you could keep that. "It's not that difficult. Insanity. It kills me," the 56-year-old ends his video.

A lot of celebrities

The actor received encouragement from numerous stars in the comments. So also from singer Yvonne Catterfeld (40): "Boah, makes me aggressive too. I don't get it that they don't get it! Thank you for your call!" Actress Jasmin Gerat (41) also comments on the article: "It also kills me! Because it will take an unnecessarily long time because of this narrow-mindedness."