Til Schweiger: Screenwriter sues “Manta Manta” production company

Til Schweiger has to face new allegations. Now the screenwriter Stefan Cantz has sued the production company of his “Manta Manta” films. He demands additional payments and sees a violation of the processing right.

In the past few weeks, Til Schweiger, 59, has been subjected to serious allegations, including the conditions on the set of his current film “Manta Manta – Second Part”. Now there is trouble again for the actor and producer.

Screenwriter sues Til Schweiger film

According to information from the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, the well-known screenwriter Stefan Cantz, 67, who has also worked on many “Tatort” episodes, has filed a lawsuit with the Munich Regional Court against the production company of the “Manta” series, Constantin Film. He is complaining “due to a claim for additional remuneration and violation of the processing right”. Accordingly, the author is demanding additional payments for his work on the first “Manta Manta” film. In 1991, the cult strip made the then “Lindenstraße” actor Schweiger a movie star.

Stefan Cantz demands additional payments

According to Cantz, neither Schweiger nor Constantin Film informed him that a sequel was being shot. He wanted to be involved in the income from “Manta Manta” retrospectively, since it was disproportionate to his remuneration at the time. He is also demanding damages for the second part: his lawyers claim that the production company only has the right to shoot a remake, but not a sequel.

“Unfortunately, the incident is a typical example”

“Unfortunately, the process is a typical example of how screenwriters are treated in the German film industry,” Cantz told Süddeutsche. “That annoys me, and I would like to take a stand against it. My hope is that this lawsuit will also motivate other authors not to put up with everything in this industry. You can defend yourself.”

Abuses in the German film industry

Recently, more and more allegations had shaken the German film industry. Actresses like Nora Tschirner, 41, and Jasna Fritzi Bauer, 34, denounced the abuses in the industry.

Source used: sueddeutsche.de


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