Til Schweiger: The actor is back in “top shape”.

Actor Til Schweiger (59) has recently made himself rare, now he has appeared in public again: in Hohenstein-Oberstetten in Baden-Württemberg he presented a model house of his brand “Barefoot”. At the appointment he emphasized how well he was doing.

Going for a walk keeps him fit

“I’m fine, on a scale of 1 to 10 it’s a 10,” quoted him the “picture”. And further: “I walk with my dog ​​for hours, either in Mallorca or in Berlin. I’m in great shape!” As part of his “Barefoot” brand, after a hotel, restaurant and ship, Til Schweiger has now designed an entire house complete with furnishings – the “Barefoot Home”. The model house can be viewed in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, around 60 kilometers south of Stuttgart, at the Schwörer model house. Schweiger’s visit to the opening on Thursday is one of his rare appearances in recent months.

Few signs of life on Instagram

The actor hasn’t appeared much in public in recent months. since him in a “Spiegel” report in April Abuse of power and alcohol on the film set were accused. In July he attended the Bundeswehr’s Blue Light Day, otherwise he spends a lot of time in Mallorca and occasionally gives a sign of life on Instagram. Two months ago he posted two pictures with his “favorite actress” Tina Ruland (56). He showed up two weeks ago on his Instagram page well-trained in a safari look.

Incidentally, Schweiger did not want to say anything about the allegations to “Bild” on Thursday. “I will comment when I think it is right.”


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