Tim Lobinger is very happy: he has become a grandfather

Tim Lobinger
He has become a grandpa

Tim Lobinger

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Former pole vaulter Tim Lobinger himself revealed that he received a special gift around Christmas: he became a grandfather.

We are particularly happy about this news: Tim Lobinger, 50, has become a grandfather. The former pole vaulter has been fighting for years against the insidious disease of cancer, which keeps coming back, is very aggressive and immensely tugs on the ex-athlete’s strength. During this time, he draws strength from his family – which is constantly growing. Because: Lobinger became a grandfather four weeks ago.

Tim Lobinger is grandpa

Even before Christmas, Tim’s daughter Fee and her husband Jonas welcomed little Fia into the world. “The little one is incredible! I always wanted to be a young grandpa. I’m so proud of Fee and Jonas. They do everything with such great coolness that I can lie back and relax as a young grandpa,” enthused Tim to ” Colorful” from his grandfather’s luck. However, he was not yet able to hold his grandchild in his arms personally: “I’m still too weak for long car trips at the moment,” he admitted to the publication. He would have liked to accompany his daughter during this special time of pregnancy, to support her, but the illness did not allow this and unfortunately tied Tim Lobinger to his bed. “Of course it would have been nice to hold Fee’s hand more often during pregnancy, but it just wasn’t possible.” Fortunately, he has not lost his confidence and ability to see things positively through the illness. “It’s always about looking ahead and drawing energy from the beautiful things,” he said optimistically.

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