Timeless fashion: You shouldn’t discard these 4 items of clothing

clean up the closet
4 trend pieces that you should never throw away when decluttering

You should definitely give some classics a permanent place in your wardrobe.


A new year is always a good reason to thoroughly clean out your closet. In the video you will find out which items of clothing should not fall victim to this under any circumstances – otherwise you will definitely regret it.

Minimalism is trending because getting rid of superfluous frills can be a very liberating feeling. This is especially true for the long-forgotten items of clothing in our closets. And once you’ve pulled yourself together to clear out the mess, it usually goes pretty quickly and the garment bags fill up.

Better not to clean up: You could regret this decision

But beware! You could regret some of the decisions afterwards, because there are trend pieces that just keep coming back and are also great to combine. So watch out: it’s worth not saying goodbye to some of the items in your closet just yet!


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