Tina Ruland: As a single she is absolutely satisfied

Actress Tina Ruland about her big comeback with “Manta, Manta 2”, her friendship with Til Schweiger – and her life as a single mom.

Happiness in love, children, separations, new careers – so much has happened to the stars of “Manta Manta” since the cult film hit the cinemas in 1991. Now, 32 years later, “Manta, Manta – Zwoter Teil” should be the German film event of the spring. For Tina Ruland, 56, a dream comes true. Because the role of the hairdresser Uschi is still her parade role, her greatest success.

Tina Ruland: There is so much Uschi in her

When we met in Berlin, shortly before her appearance on GALA on TV (RTL, Saturdays, 5:45 p.m.), her eyes lit up. A woman who, despite some setbacks, has never lost her optimistic world view.

GALA: Uschi has grown up.
Tina Ruland: Luckily, but she’s no less funny today, her heart is still in the right place. But – spoiler alert – Uschi is no longer with Berti, I can reveal that. Their relationship didn’t last, but that also reflects a bit on our society. Today Uschi is less naive and a real business woman.

Do you see yourself there?
I was never the woman whose biggest wish was a fitted kitchen that my boyfriend would finance for her if you please. Still, it always made me proud when people on the street thought I was like Uschi. That’s still a big compliment today, because it shows me that I played my role really well.

Totally happy being single

How does Til Schweiger kiss today, 30 years later?
Still good. (laughs) I only had to fight here and there for our “smooch time” because he had completely different priorities as director and main actor. Then I said a couple of times: “Hey, we need more time for the scene, after all we are deeply in love – in the film.” (laughs)

Speaking of in love. Is it you?
No, I am a happy single woman.

Between family and politics on the set

Do your sons Jahvis, 18, and Vidal, 12, actually know you as Uschi?
Sure, it’s not possible for my children to grow up without this film. They think it’s totally cool and were also on the set. Til took great care of himself, he’s just incredibly good with children and then suddenly said: “Tina, the two have to go to the film.” And now my two sons are actually in a film with me for the first time.

Til and you have been friends for many years. What do you talk about when the camera isn’t rolling?
We’re both family people, so there’s always a lot to talk about. Recently we have also exchanged a lot about health policy issues. We think Mr. Lauterbach is terrible, bigoted and hasn’t been bearable for a long time. We were also very dissatisfied with Mr. Spahn.

There are many points of intersection between Til and me, we think very similarly on these topics.

Back to the movies, are you actually a car freak?
I have a car and it is actually an Opel. (laughs) I would also drive a Manta immediately. But they’re only available as vintage cars. And unfortunately I have no idea about screws.

“One is suddenly seen as no longer complete”

Another topic: In an earlier interview, you told us that after your last breakup, you were suddenly invited by friends and neighbors less frequently.
That keeps me busy. I think it has something to do with the fact that when you are supposedly alone, this couple dynamic disappears. Suddenly you are no longer seen as complete – without a man at your side – and I think that’s pretty bad.

Anyway, you’re happy.
Honestly, I feel almost more complete than the many unhappy marriages and relationships. I know very few really happy couples.

I definitely don’t need a man to be happy. I have other dreams. If we had a fairy sitting here right now, I would wish for the time and money to be able to travel as much as possible.

Are you hoping for Manta Manta 3?
Why not if people feel like it. But please don’t wait another 30 years. Although, that could also be very funny if we do a walker race. (laughs)


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