Tina Ruland with a bandage in the “TV Garden”: Her cat Zazou bit out of desperation

Tina Ruland with bandage in the “TV Garden”
Her cat Zazou bit out of desperation

Fans were amazed at Tina Ruland’s association during her appearance on the “ZDF TV Garden”.

© ZDF/Maximilian von Lachner

Tina Ruland had to seek medical treatment after her cat Zazou bit her. The TV star was given an antibiotic intravenously.

The thick bandage on her finger could not be overlooked during Tina Ruland’s (56) appearance on “ZDF- Fernsehengarten” on Sunday. Moderator Andrea Kiewel (58) suggested an accident with an animal. In fact, a bite from her cat Zazou is behind it, as the actress reveals on her Instagram profile and in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”.

Zazou the cat was hit

The TV star found his two cats meowing on the doorstep last Friday. “My Zazou the cat was hit and dragged himself home. I carefully picked him up, but his pain must have been so great that he bit my finger in desperation.”

Together with her son Vidal, Ruland brought Zazou to the Berlin clinic. A broken pelvis, injured hind legs and a risk of thrombosis were finally diagnosed and it was recommended that the cat be euthanized. “That wasn’t an option,” the actress clarifies. After all, Zazou is like a member of the family. A subsequent operation was successful and Ruland also sought medical treatment.

Tina Ruland is receiving intravenous care

In the emergency room, she was “provided with an antibiotic intravenously. The bite edges were cut open and rinsed. Cat hair and bacteria were found in them,” says the “Manta Manta” star “Bunte”. The risk of infection from cat bites is very high; in the worst case, a life-threatening tetanus or rabies infection or blood poisoning (sepsis) can develop.

Published on Instagram the actress posted a short video from the emergency room, which shows her with the IV. Also a Ruland posts a picture of her cat. She also shares an update on his health and thanks him for the many well wishes.

Ruland now has to be checked every other day. She was given a plaster splint and had to stay still so that the bacteria didn’t migrate. She is grateful that the chances of recovery are good for both her and her cat.


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